Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Review – Lactofree Milk

So I'm Lactose and Dairy Intolerant, I thought it was just the Lactose at first but then after trying other Dairy Products such as Goats Milk and even Soya Milk, I was still having the same reactions. My 1 year old daughter is the same, she cant tolerate Soya products or Dairy Products.

I first tried Lactofree products about a year or so ago when they first hit the supermarket shelves, I was very impressed with the quality of the product, the taste and the way it was presented. It was nice to be able to enjoy a “milk” flavoured yoghurt rather than the lumpy soy ones.

It tastes nicer than “normal” milk, it tastes cleaner?

Every now and again I like to have a little treat, a Coffee with a dash of milk, I'll have a swig of Piriton Syrup afterwards to help with the reaction. (can’t take the tablets, they are coated in lactose) The UHT Sachets are perfect for this, as then I'm not opening a whole carton of milk and wasting it.

I follow the company on my twitter page (I'm @hobnobs_mummy by the way in case you didn't already know) The company are @Lactofree on twitter, They do giveaways, they have recipes made with Lactofree products, and are genuinely informative and will answer any questions you have about their products.

I would also suggest signing up to their website and email list, I often receive vouchers for money off their products.

Yesterday in the post I received a gift from Lactofree, a box of 100 Sachets of UHT Lactofree Milk. (Thank you Lactofree!)  If you, Dear Reader, have lactose intolerance and have yet to try the products, let me know and I can share my winnings with you Smile.


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