Sunday, 18 September 2011

We have been camping :)

Just got back from Camping for the weekend. We  had a really nice time, even though it rained a few times we still had fun. L managed to sleep through both nights, must have been all that fresh air and energy she burned off running round the campsite all day!

Our tent is HUGE, its an 8 berth tent from Vango, called "Tigris 800", Probably a bit too big for us 3, but its great having the spare rooms for all the junk to go in and also one as a "toilet" for the portaloo to go in.

The campsite is lovely, its the second time we have been there Its a small and secluded site just perfect for families with small children.

Now just the washing to sort and do, and then sit down and watch X Factor with a Kopparberg Berry Cider, Yum Yum.

Monday, 12 September 2011


Energy where have you gone?

I'm still feeling a bit rotten after the bout of sinusitis, the dizziness is still there but i think that will be until i have the op done anyway.

I phoned them up today to see if they could bring the date forward but no such luck, so i phoned and asked about having it done privately to which the answer was “ if you have private insurance it would be free, if not then it will cost you 150 for a consultation and just under 4 grand for the actual operation.”

Where exactly do these people expect you to find 4 grand from just like that??

Feeling peed off tonight at it all. Have spent the whole morning tidying up the flat for the new estate agents to come and take photos. It looks lovely but boy am I tired.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Under the Weather

Feeling Crapiola. I have come down with some form of Sinusitis. I have the face ache, the pressure, the headaches, the dizziness but no snot.
I blame my dodgy ears, they get the blame for everything, but usually because they end up being the main cause. Roll on November when they can do the operation and hopefully make it a bit better.

In other news....I have started my Xmas Shopping!

Here are some websites I would recommend...