Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Joys of this time of year....

are NOT the Fluey bugs and viruses that go round weekly. This week we all have the lurgy, I've been stupidly dizzy again because of it and our little Girl has been throwing up all over me and then having liquid yellow poo trickle out the side of her nappy and down her legs, lovely eh!

and what is with this weather??? It is bloody freezing!! It doesn't half knock you for six when you try pushing a buggy along in that freezing cold wind.

anybody else want to have a good old whinge about being in the UK at winter time?

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Still on the Market....

I cant believe it, we have now been on the market for over a year, unless we drop the price to a silly amount of money it looks like we are staying here for a while.
We cant drop it any less than we have done already or we wont have the funds to actually move.
The flat is too small for us, we have seriously ran out of room, even the attic is now burtsting at its seems and floorboards..

The past week or so due to conversations with other friends has got me thinking about extending our family, having another child, I'm still not recovered from the first one but hoping for an Op next year to put that right, which in turn got me thinking, surely I might aswell have another baby before they "fix" me? Save me having it done twice? and then I remember.... we cant, we dont have the room or the money at the moment for another child. I'm not feeling particuarly broody, but if we are to have another baby I dont want to leave it for a long time as i'd like to enjoy them being a similar age and not a huge age gap like between my own siblings and myself.

So Santa for Christmas this year, and I've been such a good girl this year and so very brave, is a House. A buyer for this flat and a nice house to move into. Pretty Please with a Cherry on top.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Learn direct Maths Course

God I'm stressed! I haven't even started the blooming course yet lol I’m still doing the “skills checkers”

I've never been very good at Maths, I got an E in my GCSE exam, I'm not sure how, i was sure i had failed it.

I'm wanting to improve my maths skills again though, for myself, my confidence in life and also for helping my daughter with it as she grows up.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Apologies for not updating in a while, life has been a bit hectic.
My Operation date as been brought forward, its a week today. Im seriously pissed off at some people though, they have offered no support or concern regarding this, yet both myself and my Husband have been there for them when they have needed support. Its not just a little ear operation, its a serious one which will last for at least 4 hours and I will take 4- 6 weeks to recover from.  A simple "how are you, hope you are feeling ok about next week" message would be fine but no, nothing.
Also my Dad is still being a twat, but hey thats nothing new is it.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

We have been camping :)

Just got back from Camping for the weekend. We  had a really nice time, even though it rained a few times we still had fun. L managed to sleep through both nights, must have been all that fresh air and energy she burned off running round the campsite all day!

Our tent is HUGE, its an 8 berth tent from Vango, called "Tigris 800", Probably a bit too big for us 3, but its great having the spare rooms for all the junk to go in and also one as a "toilet" for the portaloo to go in.

The campsite is lovely, its the second time we have been there Its a small and secluded site just perfect for families with small children.

Now just the washing to sort and do, and then sit down and watch X Factor with a Kopparberg Berry Cider, Yum Yum.

Monday, 12 September 2011


Energy where have you gone?

I'm still feeling a bit rotten after the bout of sinusitis, the dizziness is still there but i think that will be until i have the op done anyway.

I phoned them up today to see if they could bring the date forward but no such luck, so i phoned and asked about having it done privately to which the answer was “ if you have private insurance it would be free, if not then it will cost you 150 for a consultation and just under 4 grand for the actual operation.”

Where exactly do these people expect you to find 4 grand from just like that??

Feeling peed off tonight at it all. Have spent the whole morning tidying up the flat for the new estate agents to come and take photos. It looks lovely but boy am I tired.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Under the Weather

Feeling Crapiola. I have come down with some form of Sinusitis. I have the face ache, the pressure, the headaches, the dizziness but no snot.
I blame my dodgy ears, they get the blame for everything, but usually because they end up being the main cause. Roll on November when they can do the operation and hopefully make it a bit better.

In other news....I have started my Xmas Shopping!

Here are some websites I would recommend...

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Thank the Lord for Charis!

After seeing my Blog Post about a last minute Christening present, Charis from Name Art sent me a tweet offering to do a rush order for me. (would just like to point out rushed order by no means meant less quality an item)

I ordered a Personalised Pirate Print, and I am really pleased with the service and communication from Charis herself.

I paid a little extra for postage so that it arrived in time for the weekend and boy was it worth it. Its a lovely Mounted Print, just perfect for the Little Boy who we bought it for. I'm really pleased with it and will be ordering something special for L for Xmas this year.

Will add Photos when uploaded off Phone.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Christening Presents

What do you buy? I don't want to buy something silver plated from H Samuel, everyone seems to do that (Past 3 Christenings I've been to did anyway) So I'm looking for something nice but different.

I wondered whether to have a look on the Name Art Website, Charis does a super job of her personalised products, (you can also follow her on twitter @Charisnameart but Ive left it a bit too late, the christening is this weekend.
With being away for the week I've totally forgotten about it and left it very last minute. Ooops.

I'm doing the sweets for the party is my website. But that's not something to keep to remember. If anyone has any ideas then please leave a comment, or send me a tweet @hobnobs_mummy on twitter.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Review - The Prince Llewelyn B&B

Stars - 5

Perfect. Bliss. Luxury.

These 3 words describe how beautiful this B&B is, its situated in the village of Aberffraw in Anglesey. A short walk down the road and you are standing alongside the river that feeds out into the sea, a perfect walk on a warm summers night, standing on the headland and looking across to Snowdonia. Its a view you would pay a lot of money for.

We stayed in one of the 2 family rooms on the top floor, it was lovely, the beds were the comfiest we have slept in in a long time (we had twin beds rather than the double, Hubby was getting on my nerves too much....joke) the Bedding was luxurious, plumped up pillows and a squishy quilt, my idea of heaven. The En suite had a double width power shower which our toddler decided was the perfect paddling pool.

The Couple who own the B&B, Rodger & Mary are so lovely, there wasn't anything too big an ask of them, they were very welcoming and especially at breakfast time took time out of their busy schedule to talk to us and entertain our daughter.

It was a shame that we only stayed for one night, as it would have been lovely for a few more nights. The breakfast was lovely, there was a welcome tray of biscuits, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, even shower gel and shampoo in the shower. (wouldn't get that in a travelodge)

You truly do get what you pay for and much more.

There are no Pros and Cons to this review, both myself and my husband are in agreement that there wasn't any negative aspect to our stay, apart from the room being on the 2nd floor so he had to carry the suitcases up (but it was good exercise for him)

I would highly recommend this B&B to anyone thinking of staying in Anglesey, you wont be disappointed.

The link to their website is below, if you do book tell them HobnobsMummy sent you :)

Review – Lactofree Milk

So I'm Lactose and Dairy Intolerant, I thought it was just the Lactose at first but then after trying other Dairy Products such as Goats Milk and even Soya Milk, I was still having the same reactions. My 1 year old daughter is the same, she cant tolerate Soya products or Dairy Products.

I first tried Lactofree products about a year or so ago when they first hit the supermarket shelves, I was very impressed with the quality of the product, the taste and the way it was presented. It was nice to be able to enjoy a “milk” flavoured yoghurt rather than the lumpy soy ones.

It tastes nicer than “normal” milk, it tastes cleaner?

Every now and again I like to have a little treat, a Coffee with a dash of milk, I'll have a swig of Piriton Syrup afterwards to help with the reaction. (can’t take the tablets, they are coated in lactose) The UHT Sachets are perfect for this, as then I'm not opening a whole carton of milk and wasting it.

I follow the company on my twitter page (I'm @hobnobs_mummy by the way in case you didn't already know) The company are @Lactofree on twitter, They do giveaways, they have recipes made with Lactofree products, and are genuinely informative and will answer any questions you have about their products.

I would also suggest signing up to their website and email list, I often receive vouchers for money off their products.

Yesterday in the post I received a gift from Lactofree, a box of 100 Sachets of UHT Lactofree Milk. (Thank you Lactofree!)  If you, Dear Reader, have lactose intolerance and have yet to try the products, let me know and I can share my winnings with you Smile.


Monday, 22 August 2011

Writing a letter to Estate Agents

So I need a bit of help, We have been with our Estate agents for a year now and our flat has been sold twice and the buyers dropped out twice, we have a pathetic excuse of a company as our agents, and have realised now really is the time to walk away and try someone else.

But I have no idea how to write the “we are taking our property off the market” letter. Where do I start? How do I word it? Do i complain from start to finish or just do it simply and say “thanks but you were crap”?

Windows Live Writer–Any Opinions?

So i've decided to give Live Writer a try, makes sense as most of the time I think of something normal to say and maybe even slightly witty, I'm not online. So at least this will save it for later on for me when I am.
I just wondered what everyone else's experiences were of it? if you prefer to use the actual blog website or if you prefer to use the Windows Writer.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Hotel Review - Travelodge Chester Warrington Road

Stars - 3 and a Half.

Pros -
* Next door to a Toby Carvery, Excellent Food served throughout the day, and Carvery style breakfast (go back as many times as you like) in the morning. Cheap as Chips too.
* Short driving distance to Chester City Centre for Tourist Attractions
* Short driving distance to Cheshire Oaks for Outlet Shopping and the Colliseum for Restaurants and Nightlife.
* If you book in advance can get it for a really reasonable price, we paid £39 per night and that was just right.

Cons -
* It has just been taken over by Travelodge, it used to be owned by Innkeepers Lodge, it does need some cosmetic updating but for comfort and space we couldnt complain.
* We were given a  pillow each, and when asked at reception for some more pillows and towels (we werent given any for L) we were told there wasnt anymore due to there being a lot of families staying over that night. Now I can understand the pillows maybe, but no towels? Seriously?
*We were staying in a "family" room, so therefore you would expect it to be child friendly, there were no plug socket covers, tables were low and just the right height for L to walk into, the spare bed was situated underneath the window, which is no good if you want some air in the night, the children will freeze.
* The bathroom tiles were falling off the wall under the sink unit.

Overall Review -

We would stay here again, but wouldnt pay more than £30 per night for it. Or even better book to stay when they have their super saver deals on or sales.
The Toby Carvery was very Toddler friendly and the staff there were lovely and at £5 before 7pm or £7 afterwards it was a bargain.

Accomodation Details -

Saturday, 20 August 2011

I'm back...

What a lovely if hectic week away. Monday we left at 4am and drove up to Chester, stopping at my Mum's grave first to put some flowers and tidy it up, then headed over to see my friend Tracy and then a few hours later left to check into the hotel, L fell fast asleep as soon as we checked in so she had a nice snooze whilst we unpacked the cases and put our feet up for a few hours before heading off to see my brother and his wife for the evening.

Tuesday we went to see my Great Uncle and his wife, whom I hadn't seen in 12 years,we only expected to be there for a few hours but ended up going out for a Pub Lunch and then back to theirs again afterwards, we didn't get back to the hotel till half past 6!

We have been rather naughty and enjoyed a full English breakfast Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri thanks to the carvery next door to the travelodge for the first 3 nights and then to the B&B on the Friday, I've probably gained about 2 stone, but its been so worth it.

Wednesday we went into Chester to see my old workmates and then to show L the city and the river, which she enjoyed watching the boats for a while from the bridge.

We then met up with some friends and family in the evening for a meal at Frankie and Benny's, which was lovely apart form the bones I found in my Spag Bol....
Thursday we travelled up to Anglesey to see my eldest brother, his wife and one of his daughters, we spent a lovely few hours in Beaumaris visiting the castle and watching a Crabbing event on the pier.

Friday we left the B&B at 10am and got home in Kent at half 8:30pm......not funny. Traffic jams, Roadworks on Motorways, temporary traffic lights, you name it we went through it.

I will do a proper review of the Hotel and the B&B that we stayed in seperatley.

Today has been a bit of a weird day, I've felt relief to be home but at the same time depressed to be back here and away from my family and friends again.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

I "heart" Clothes...

So even tho i'm a chubby girl it doesnt mean I have any less of a fashion sense. I LOVE clothes, Although we never seem to have money in the bank every now and again for a special occasion I get to treat myself :)
This week for my birthday I purchased these from Evans...

These BEAUTIFUL dress now in the sale for a gorgeous £21.00

These Lovely Jeans

and these Jeans

and also 2 other tops which arent on the website anymore as I got them in the sale, but I promise to take photos to show you as they are gorgeous. I bought a white top, i hardly ever wear white, mainly because of having a toddler who usually has some mess on their hands that she likes to wipe down my top :)

I own this Flamingo Print Top, and I LOVE it on, its beautiful I usually wear it for leggings, I bought it for my birthday last year full price and it is now only £10.00 on the sale site.

Anyway if you arent a fan of clicking on links just to look at items, then at some point once i'm back from holidays I will post some photos of them :)

Birthday tommorow...

I'll be the grand old age of 26, Its weird a year or two ago I would have said I still felt 18, yet this year I feel like I've really grown up. I think having a baby has something to do with it, and also being married and having responsibilities.
I now feel and act my age, Ive always been "older" than my age growing up, due to missing out on a bit of my childhood whilst my Mum was seriously ill and then dying at the age of 49, I was 16 at the time. It was a big shock to the system, especially as my Dad wasnt exactly Maternal in anyway to make up for it. The most he did was sometimes buy me sanitary towels from ASDA.

I'm looking forward to our few days away "Up Norf" seeing family and friends. Im meeting up with my Great Uncle, I havent seen him in about 15 years, I like to hear stories about my family and about My Mum when she was growing up, I miss out on knowing things like that sometimes.

I wont be seeing my Dad, last time I saw him was in May at a funeral, we dont speak, or rather I should say he doesnt speak. Not through lack of trying on my part, i've sent texts and phoned and all have gone unanswered. Ive given up now, this year was the first year I didnt send him a Fathers Day text, and I wont be sending him a Birthday text either. He has made it quite clear now where he stands, so I'm going to get on with my life and concentrate on the family that cares.

We are going to Chester, Liverpool, Birkenhead, Anglesey and Flintshire, to see a variety of friends and family and also to visit my Mums grave, Usually its tradition to make it the last stop before heading home but because of the way we are driving round the country this time it may be the first.

I doubt I will have time to update whilst away but you can be sure to hear all about the trip and even pictures when we return.

Have an enjoyable week bloggers.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Here we go again...

So after having a year off Blogging about Baby related things, I had a pre-pregnancy and a pregnancy diary blog and then once having my daughter I seemed to just have no more time for it! But now she is a cute and gorgeous 17 month old I seem to have a few more hours in the day (mainly when she has gone to bed) to spend time on the computer.
Plus the fact my lovely Hubby (@smurfjedi on Twitter) as bought me a Laptop for my Birthday REALLY helps.

So where to begin really, well this week has been a bit of a weird one, I've been feeling ever so slightly broody. I would love for my Daughter who we shall call "L" for blogs sake, to have a sibling, but for purely selfish reasons I haven't wanted to go through it all again yet. The Mummies that I met when L was 3 months old at the new parents group are now all planning their no.2, one of them is already 37 weeks pregnant! I feel a little bit left behind, some of them are TTC some of them are Planning to from a certain month and others have said next year will be their time again.

We live in a 2 bedroomed flat, its too small to have one child in never mind two. But we have now been on the market for nearly a year and its not gone anywhere, we have sold twice but our buyers have dropped out twice, very frustrating, very stressful and really not very fair.

We need to move so we can start our family life properly, it's not fair on L that she doesn't have a garden to play in (we have one but its not child friendly) it's not fair that her room is full of boxes and crates, as is ours, of things we have packed up ready to move but then not moved and never bothered to unpack again.

Also I have lots of things to "fix" after having L, my "Hoo Haa" has never been the same and I am currently waiting to go in to have a Fentons Procedure.

This I've put on hold until after having my Ears sorted out, Ive had ear problems since i was 2 years old and had countless numbers of operations on them, after being transferred to a new specialist because of dizziness problems he has now advised me that i need to have a repeat operation of one i had when i was 10 years old. A modified radical mastoidectomy,

He has sent me for CT scan and i get the results back at the end of the month. I'm not looking forward to it. I have really nasty memories of that operation, of how it went wrong, of how i spent 2 weeks in hospital rather than 2 days, of how i was so scared of waking up being hooked up to a drip and they told me i wouldn't and then i was, of having injections in my leg that were supposed to stop me being sick (reaction to anaesthetic) yet made me even more sick. So no I'm not looking forward to it.

I now have L to think about too, I don't leave her with other people very often, if at all. She is Clingy, she loves her Mummy and Daddy and will maybe spend an hour with her Nanny and Grandad but after that wants us again, Im dreading leaving her for a few days, Im more worried about her than I am the operation.

So thats basically my thoughts for today, thinking of medical operations, babies and moving house.
But on the plus side its my 26th Birthday at the weekend! Hurrah.