Thursday, 11 August 2011

Here we go again...

So after having a year off Blogging about Baby related things, I had a pre-pregnancy and a pregnancy diary blog and then once having my daughter I seemed to just have no more time for it! But now she is a cute and gorgeous 17 month old I seem to have a few more hours in the day (mainly when she has gone to bed) to spend time on the computer.
Plus the fact my lovely Hubby (@smurfjedi on Twitter) as bought me a Laptop for my Birthday REALLY helps.

So where to begin really, well this week has been a bit of a weird one, I've been feeling ever so slightly broody. I would love for my Daughter who we shall call "L" for blogs sake, to have a sibling, but for purely selfish reasons I haven't wanted to go through it all again yet. The Mummies that I met when L was 3 months old at the new parents group are now all planning their no.2, one of them is already 37 weeks pregnant! I feel a little bit left behind, some of them are TTC some of them are Planning to from a certain month and others have said next year will be their time again.

We live in a 2 bedroomed flat, its too small to have one child in never mind two. But we have now been on the market for nearly a year and its not gone anywhere, we have sold twice but our buyers have dropped out twice, very frustrating, very stressful and really not very fair.

We need to move so we can start our family life properly, it's not fair on L that she doesn't have a garden to play in (we have one but its not child friendly) it's not fair that her room is full of boxes and crates, as is ours, of things we have packed up ready to move but then not moved and never bothered to unpack again.

Also I have lots of things to "fix" after having L, my "Hoo Haa" has never been the same and I am currently waiting to go in to have a Fentons Procedure.

This I've put on hold until after having my Ears sorted out, Ive had ear problems since i was 2 years old and had countless numbers of operations on them, after being transferred to a new specialist because of dizziness problems he has now advised me that i need to have a repeat operation of one i had when i was 10 years old. A modified radical mastoidectomy,

He has sent me for CT scan and i get the results back at the end of the month. I'm not looking forward to it. I have really nasty memories of that operation, of how it went wrong, of how i spent 2 weeks in hospital rather than 2 days, of how i was so scared of waking up being hooked up to a drip and they told me i wouldn't and then i was, of having injections in my leg that were supposed to stop me being sick (reaction to anaesthetic) yet made me even more sick. So no I'm not looking forward to it.

I now have L to think about too, I don't leave her with other people very often, if at all. She is Clingy, she loves her Mummy and Daddy and will maybe spend an hour with her Nanny and Grandad but after that wants us again, Im dreading leaving her for a few days, Im more worried about her than I am the operation.

So thats basically my thoughts for today, thinking of medical operations, babies and moving house.
But on the plus side its my 26th Birthday at the weekend! Hurrah.

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