Saturday, 13 August 2011

I "heart" Clothes...

So even tho i'm a chubby girl it doesnt mean I have any less of a fashion sense. I LOVE clothes, Although we never seem to have money in the bank every now and again for a special occasion I get to treat myself :)
This week for my birthday I purchased these from Evans...

These BEAUTIFUL dress now in the sale for a gorgeous £21.00

These Lovely Jeans

and these Jeans

and also 2 other tops which arent on the website anymore as I got them in the sale, but I promise to take photos to show you as they are gorgeous. I bought a white top, i hardly ever wear white, mainly because of having a toddler who usually has some mess on their hands that she likes to wipe down my top :)

I own this Flamingo Print Top, and I LOVE it on, its beautiful I usually wear it for leggings, I bought it for my birthday last year full price and it is now only £10.00 on the sale site.

Anyway if you arent a fan of clicking on links just to look at items, then at some point once i'm back from holidays I will post some photos of them :)

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