Saturday, 13 August 2011

Birthday tommorow...

I'll be the grand old age of 26, Its weird a year or two ago I would have said I still felt 18, yet this year I feel like I've really grown up. I think having a baby has something to do with it, and also being married and having responsibilities.
I now feel and act my age, Ive always been "older" than my age growing up, due to missing out on a bit of my childhood whilst my Mum was seriously ill and then dying at the age of 49, I was 16 at the time. It was a big shock to the system, especially as my Dad wasnt exactly Maternal in anyway to make up for it. The most he did was sometimes buy me sanitary towels from ASDA.

I'm looking forward to our few days away "Up Norf" seeing family and friends. Im meeting up with my Great Uncle, I havent seen him in about 15 years, I like to hear stories about my family and about My Mum when she was growing up, I miss out on knowing things like that sometimes.

I wont be seeing my Dad, last time I saw him was in May at a funeral, we dont speak, or rather I should say he doesnt speak. Not through lack of trying on my part, i've sent texts and phoned and all have gone unanswered. Ive given up now, this year was the first year I didnt send him a Fathers Day text, and I wont be sending him a Birthday text either. He has made it quite clear now where he stands, so I'm going to get on with my life and concentrate on the family that cares.

We are going to Chester, Liverpool, Birkenhead, Anglesey and Flintshire, to see a variety of friends and family and also to visit my Mums grave, Usually its tradition to make it the last stop before heading home but because of the way we are driving round the country this time it may be the first.

I doubt I will have time to update whilst away but you can be sure to hear all about the trip and even pictures when we return.

Have an enjoyable week bloggers.

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